CockpitRM leads managers and teams in a unique aviation-based process of business development

Our mission

Achieve superb teamwork, optimize operational efficiency, maximize safety and reach organizational goals.

We use aviation-based CRM (Crew Resource Management) tools and methodologies.

We train Air, Dispatch & Maintenance crews CAA CAP737 based CRM.

CRM workshops began development in 1979, after careful examination showed that most colossal aviation mishaps were caused by lack of communication and integration, and not by lack of personal skill or proficiency.

CRM is a methodology which teaches how to use available resources (equipment, procedures and people) in a way that optimizes the efficiency of the organization, while minimizing risk factors.

Our team

We are a team of Airline Captains (former Israeli air-Force pilots) highly experienced in instruction, R&D, accident investigation and conducting operations.

We have implemented CRM in many of IAF squadrons, Navy Squads, and Teams from the Defense industry, Health institutes, High and Low tech companies, Health, Sport and Education.

Our multidisciplinary and multidimensional approach is coupled with enthusiasm and passion for streamlining teamwork.

Our core methodologies stem from the Israel Defense Forces and the Israeli Air Force organizational culture, values and experience.

What do we do?

At CockpitRM we teach, train and monitor teams in existing and new systems.

We take pride in transforming organizational culture, utilizing existing potential by mutual learning, development and evolvement. We serve as facilitators, driving change that ultimately comes from within.

Various aspects of team functionality and productivity are addressed: Interpersonal Communication, Decision Making, Workload Fatigue & Stress Management, Error Management, Leadership and Followership, Situational Awareness, SOPs, Event and Mission Analysis, and more.

We generate tangible value for our clients, maximizing efficiency and productivity, and mitigating risk and failure.

Why Us?

We implement proven Aviation-based CRM (Crew Resource Management) methodologies and concepts.

Our services are flexible and tailor made. We do not operate in a generic fashion, but adapt CRM methodologies to the unique challenges of your company. In a preliminary study, we carefully examine the specific organizational characteristics and client's needs. Our involvement continues after the workshops, by accompanying the implementation process.

As in all CRM training, the cockpit may be the center of operations, but the system as whole, with all its components and participants must be integrated to function in harmonious operations.

"In a world saturated with Executive workshops, CRM is the most effective method for modern executives and teams"

Brigadier General (ret.) Sh., Senior High-Tech Executive

Our Clients